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Andrea Tamburini, Director of Operations

Action Against Hunger  5th Annual CLASSY Awards Winner

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5th Annual CLASSY Awards
  • Hunger and Poverty Leadership Council

    The Leadership Council is an honorary board dedicated to the advancement of social progress. The 104-members collectively determine the winners of the CLASSY Awards...

  • Top Nominees and Winners

    Organizations evaluated through the CLASSY Awards process are pioneering innovative models and solutions to pressing social challenges. Nominees & Winners are selected from thousands of organizations across 25 cause categories...

  • CLASSY Awards Hosts and Speakers

    CLASSY Awards speakers represent a diverse mix of leadership and innovation in the social sector...

  • Collaborative

    The Collaborative is a two-day event that brings together hundreds of the top social innovators to share ideas around driving social progress...

  • In Partnership with United Nation Foundation

    The CLASSY Awards wouldn't be possible without our generous partners and sponsors...

  • Active Duty & Veterans Services
  • Animal & Wildlife Welfare
  • Disaster Relief & Public Safety
  • Educational Advancement
  • Environmental Protection
  • Health Services
  • Human Rights & Social Justice Services
  • Poverty & Hunger Relief

Active Duty & Veterans Services

Active Duty & Veterans Services programs provide support and resources to the specific population of brave men and women that have risked their lives to protect their country.

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Animal & Wildlife Welfare

Animal & Wildlife Welfare programs protect, defend and provide for animals both domestic and wild. Whether through a humane society, wildlife conservation group or rescue league, these programs are strategically devoted to strengthening the animal community on both land and sea.

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Disaster Relief & Public Safety

Disaster Relief & Public Safety programs are strategically developed to reduce crime, violence, injury and disaster in neighborhoods rural or urban. From disaster response and preparedness to safe houses and emotional support, these programs use safety as their number one metric.

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Educational Advancement

Educational Advancement programs address problems facing academia in the United States, the developing world and the global community at large. We've identified the three major social issues that the education sector faces: Preparedness and Enrollment, Quality of Education & Completion, and Extracurricular & Skill Development.

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Environmental Protection

From forest wildlife to beach preservation to clean air, Environmental Protection programs work to promote, protect and preserve all elements of our planet.

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Health Services

Health Services programs address the incredible burden caused by disease. These programs are specifically designed to limit this burden through fundraising for research for a cure, guiding prevention efforts for treatment, assisting those with active disease, or supporting those affected by a loved ones' illness.

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Human Rights & Social Justice Services

Human Rights & Social Justice Services programs are the voice of human rights movements. They fight to end modern-day slavery and require equal treatment and opportunity for all people, regardless of race, sexual orientation, economic status, disability, age or gender.

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Poverty & Hunger Relief

Poverty & Hunger Relief programs address the root of nearly all global problems: financial insecurity. These programs provide food security, agricultural education and development, employment training and opportunity, critical infrastructure and livelihood development.

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The Collaborative Exchange

The Event is over but the discussion continues

The Collaborative Exchange is the offline version of the Collaborative event. Our blog shares stories with a unique focus on innovation, leadership and progress within the social sector. By first identifying the greatest global challenges of our time, we seek to put a spotlight on those that are making significant strides towards solving those problems, and doing so in bold ways.