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A Conference Re-imagined


Collaborative | June 14-16, Boston

Have you ever wondered, with all the amazing conferences that exist for nonprofits, why there isn't one that puts the do-ers, the innovators, the YOU's of the world, at the forefront? Well, we have too!

The Collaborative is designed with a single purpose—to bring the social innovators hustling for world change together to share their stories in an exciting atmosphere of learning, discovery, and collaboration. Come, join us at the Collaborative, the premier showcase for leaders of innovation and the do-ers that make their visions possible.

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Hear from leaders on the front lines of social innovation.

Dr. Cheryl Dorsey
President, Echoing Green

Learn more about Cheryl and all of the speakers attending the Collaborative.

Randall Lane
Editor, Forbes Magazine

Learn more about Randall and all of the speakers attending the Collaborative.

Tracy Palandjian
Co-Founder & CEO, Social Finance

Learn more about Tracy and all of the speakers attending the Collaborative.

Suzanne diBianca
EVP Corporate Relations & Chief Philanthropy Officer, Salesforce

Learn more about Suzanne and all of the speakers attending the Collaborative.

Michele Sullivan
President, The Caterpillar Foundation
Corinne Gray
Innovation Engagement Officer, UNHCR Innovation
Zubaida Bai
Founder & CEO, ayzh Inc
Christoph Gorder
Chief Global Water Officer, charity: water
Brad Ack
Senior Vice President, World Wildlife Fund
Amy Cosper
VP, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine
Jacob Harold
President & CEO, GuideStar
Gargee Ghosh
Director, Development Policy & Finance, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Erica Kochi
Senior Advisor to UNICEF Executive Director on Innovation & Co-Founder, UNICEF Innovation, UNICEF
Mary Snapp
President, Microsoft Philanthropies
Eric Nee
Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review and Host, Social Innovation Conversations podcast channel
Andrea Tamburini
CEO, Action Against Hunger

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Featured Innovations

Meet the minds behind the next generation of social solutions.

charity: water

Promoting data visibility and accountability through remote sensor technology

charity: water and their partners at developed remote sensor technology that informs whether water is flowing at any of the projects, at any given time, anywhere in the world. This project further advances transparency and sustainability in the water sector.

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Christoph Gorder
Chief Global Water Officer, charity: water
Air Shepherd

Ending Illegal Poaching in Africa

Lindbergh Foundation's “Air Shepherd” (AS) is a drone-based anti-poaching initiative, currently focused on elephants and rhinos. We lose 96 elephants every day, rhinos’ survival odds are worse. Unchecked, both iconic species will be gone in ten years. Help is needed now. Poaching, driven by obscene values for ivory and rhino horn, is taking a deadly toll.

What to Expect

Reignite your purpose with the infectious energy
of the Boston Innovation District.

Boston Harbor
Get your caffeine on in the cafe
Food trucks on the pier
Crack open a cold one at the last session

Welcome to the Warehouse at Cruiseport Boston

Warehouse at Cruiseport Boston

About the Venue

Though hundreds of impact-focused organizations are taking root in Boston, what makes the city truly innovative is that its members work in tandem to advance social solutions. What results is a thriving community and culture centered around real, positive change.

The conference is at the Warehouse at Cruiseport Boston, right across the channel from the original Edison Factory. We can't think of a better place to spur creativity and outside thinking, than in this raw, historical warehouse on the Boston Pier. Just 3/4 mile from the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel, planning your trip will be a cinch.

What's Included

You'll hear discussions from people who have pushed the boundaries of social soultions. They'll share their inspiring stories and how they've built new ways to tackle the greatest social problems of our time.

As if that’s not enough, your 3-day ticket includes all-day access to the Collaborative, the Classy Awards, office hours with speakers and many extra activities including yoga on the green, a welcome party, and plenty of happy hours to connect with other attendees and speakers.

Event Schedule

The Welcome Party BBQ will be Monday, June 13 from 4-6pm at South Boston Maritime Park, right across the street from the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in Boston. Book your stay today!

Tuesday, June 14

  • 8am
  • 9am
  • 9:15am

  • 11:30am
  • 1pm

  • 4:30pm
  • Registration, Coffee & The Lab
  • Welcome
  • Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Breakout Sessions & Showcases
  • Lunch
  • Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Breakout Sessions & Showcases
  • Happy Hour, The Lab & Office Hours

Wednesday, June 15

  • 8am
  • 9am

  • 12:30pm
  • 2pm

  • 4:15pm
  • Coffee & The Lab
  • Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Breakout Sessions & Showcases

  • Lunch & The Lab
  • Keynotes, Panel Discussions, Breakout Sessions & Showcases
  • Happy Hour, The Lab & Office Hours

Thursday, June 16

  • 9am-3pm

  • 7pm

  • 8:30pm
  • 9:30pm
  • Open & private networking, Happy Hours

  • Classy Awards Registration & Cocktail Hour
  • Classy Awards Ceremony
  • After Party

Classy Awards

A celebration and after-party unlike any other.

What are the Classy Awards?

The Classy Awards exist to put a spotlight on the most remarkable changemakers of our generation. After two days of Collaborative sessions and great connections, we invite you to celebrate the top organizations in the sector with an Awards Ceremony and after party. Learn about their work and rub elbows with the best and brightest.

See the Warehouse at Cruiseport Boston under the stars. Pre-party starts just before sundown.


A wonderful showcase of people and groups doing cutting edge work in helping to build a civil society.”

Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO, Humane Society of the United States
Action Against Hunger on Stage

Who are the Finalists?

The Finalists recognized this year are addressing the incredibly complex and equally severe problems we face today. Their efforts span global poverty and hunger, disease, education, climate change, disaster response and preparedness, and health care accessibility.


Classy Awards Finalists


Leadership Council Judges

See the 2016 Leadership Council

Winners announced June 16 on the Classy Awards stage

Or get your Classy Awards tickets included with the Collaborative Pass


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